Re-Elect Gene Goss


        Vote No on Measure D

Of all the candidates running for City Council this year, I am the only one who ran for office in 2014 supporting the UUT. In 2016 I pushed for the Council to put Measure UUT on the Ballot and I worked hard that spring to get it passed. Ultimately it prevailed with 72% of the electorate in support. The public understood that the UUT revenue is absolutely critical to fund the level of government services that we expect in this town. I signed the Argument Against Measure D which appears in your ballot pamphlet and I urge all Sierra Madreans to Vote NO on Measure D!

Philosophy of Government

I believe that the City Government works for the citizens and not the other way around. The City Council exists to bring the will of the people into government, to set the policies reflecting that consensus, and to hold the administration strictly accountable for achieving clear cut performance targets in service to those policies.