Announcing Little League Game Webcasts - Heasley Field

Announcing Little League Game Webcasts – Heasley Field

I was raised on a small cattle ranch in Oregon where I developed a strong work ethic and an appreciation for the natural environment. I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in History and Political Science at Linfield College. Twenty-six years ago, after earning a Master’s Degree in Political Science and completing four years in the Doctoral program at USC, I was hired as a professor at Long Beach City College. In essence, I have spent the last 26 years of my life teaching undergraduates about government. In those 26 years I have held a variety of faculty leadership positions including Department Head, Technology Committee Chair and Faculty Association President.

It has been a pleasure to be active in the Sierra Madre community as a volunteer. It was an honor for me to serve on the Sierra Madre Library Board of Trustees. I spent eight years as a volunteer in Sierra Madre Little League, serving as a Manager/Coach and I helped out as a Coach in the Sierra Madre Pony League. Working with a team of fellow Sierra Madre volunteers I founded Village Vine Online and produced numerous webcasts of Little League Games and Community events such as each year’s live coverage of the Sierra Madre 4th of July Parade. It has also been my privilege to serve as a volunteer with Boy Scouts of America.

I have been married to my wife, Lisa, for 33 years. She is an elementary school teacher working with disadvantaged children in Highland Park. We moved to Sierra Madre 22 years ago. We lived on Sierra Keys Drive for 14 years and have spent the last 8 years at our present home on Ramona Avenue. My son is now in high school. Sierra Madre is his home town (born and raised) and he is a proud Sierra Madrean to the core.

For the past four years I have served the City of Sierra Madre on the City Council. Last year I had the incredible honor of being Mayor. I am truly proud of all that the Council has accomplished in the last four years. I am running for Re-Election to the City Council because I feel a deep responsibility to serve our community. I hope to continue serving my fellow Sierra Madreans as long as they will have me.