I have always been an optimist. I believe Sierra Madre’s best years are ahead of us. Please join me in making that happen. I respectfully ask for your vote on April 8th.


For the past 19 years, my wife Lisa and I have been homeowners in Sierra Madre and are raising a school-age son. Sierra Madre is our treasured home and I am committed to preserving it with all of my heart and soul.

Sierra Madreans expect that the City Government’s budget should be managed like their own budgets—responsible, transparent and efficient. As we work to preserve essential city services, especially public safety and water, I intend to watch every penny of our tax dollars with the utmost fiscal responsibility.


As a member of your City Council, I will be vigilant in fighting overdevelopment to maintain our small town’s character and independence.


The trend in recent years of outside organizations trying to influence Sierra Madre politics is unacceptable. Therefore, in the interest of the independence of this town, my solemn commitment to fellow Sierra Madreans is that I will absolutely not solicit nor will I accept any support from political parties, outside political organizations, outside political interest groups, outside political consultants, labor unions, law firms, developers, etc. All of my campaign expenditures will be funded by individual donations or self-financed.


I will bring unique knowledge, community experience, and proven leadership to the City Council:

  • Department Head – Managed public resources for six years at Long Beach City College, including the tough years of the last recession
  • Vice Chair, Library Board of Trustees – Experience overseeing the management of City services and participating in the Library Strategic Planning process
  • Expertise in American Government – Political Science Professor for 23 years
  • Past President, 350 Member Community College Association, Long Beach City College
  • Founder and Chairman of Village Vine Online, our non-profit community
    internet radio station
  • Host, Village Intersections, Public Affairs show on Village Vine Online
  • Manager/Coach – Sierra Madre Little League – Year round – Spring and Fall
  • Member, California Little League District 17 Division III North Planning Committee
  • Announcer for Live Webcasts of Community Events on Village Vine Online:
  • 4th of July Parade, Mount Wilson Trail Race, Wistaria Festival,
    Rose Parade Float Construction
  • Play by Play Announcer, Sierra Madre Little League games on Village Vine Online
  • Cub Scout and Boy Scout Volunteer